9 ways to avoid kidney stones...!!

9 ways to avoid kidney stones

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1. Stay hydrated

Drinking more water is the best thanks for preventing kidney stones. If you don’t drink enough, your urine output is going to below. Low urine output means your urine is more concentrated and fewer likely to dissolve urine salts that cause stones.

Lemonade and fruit juice also are good options. They both contain citrate, which can prevent stones from forming.

It is better to drink 08 glasses of water to generate urine. If you exercise or sweat tons, or if you've got a history of cystine stones, you’ll need additional fluids.

You can tell whether you’re hydrated by watching the color of your urine — it should be clear or straw. If it’s dark, you would like to drink more.

2. Eat more calcium-rich foods

The most common sort of urinary calculus is that the calcium oxalate stone, leading many of us to believe they ought to avoid eating calcium. the other is true. Low-calcium diets may increase your urinary calculus risk and your risk of osteoporosis.
Calcium supplements should be avoided to reduce the incidence of kidney stones. It is best when calcium is taken with a meal to reduce the risk of developing kidney stones.
Shop for calcium supplements.
Food choices rich in calcium include milk, cheese, and fat.

3. Eat less sodium

Reducing salt intake helps prevent kidney stones and vice versa. consistent with the Urology Care Foundation, an excessive amount of salt within the urine prevents calcium from being reabsorbed from the urine to the blood. This causes high urine calcium, which can cause kidney stones.
To control urinary calcium content, it is recommended to reduce salt intake. The lower the urine calcium, the lower the danger of developing kidney stones.
Read food labels very carefully to reduce your sodium intake.
Foods notorious for being high in sodium include:
processed foods, like chips and crackers
canned soups
canned vegetables
lunch meat
foods that contain MSG
foods that contain soda niter
foods that contain bicarbonate of soda (baking soda)
Try eating natural herbs in foods to avoid the salt content in the food.

4. Eat fewer oxalate-rich foods

Kidney stones, some of which are caused by oxalates, are a natural compound that is found in abundance in foods that have calcium in the urine to form kidney stones. The possibility that avoiding foods and foods rich in oxalate will help prevent stones from forming.
Foods high in oxalates are:
sweet potatoes
soy products
wheat bran
El oxalato y el calcio se unen en el sistema digestivo antes de llegar a los riñones, por lo que es difícil formar cálculos si come alimentos que contienen altos niveles de oxalatos y alimentos ricos en calcio high oxalate foods and calcium-rich foods at the same time.


5. Eat less animal protein

Foods that contain protein in abundance and can increase uric acid. High uric acid may cause kidney stones and uric acid calcium oxalate.
You should try to limit or avoid:

6. Avoid vitamin C supplements

Vitamin C supplementation (ascorbic acid) may cause kidney stones, especially male sex.
Researchers do not mean that vitamin C in foods and foods carries the same risks.

7. Explore herbal remedies

Chanca Piedra, also known as "stone breaker", is a herbal natural remedy against kidney stones. Grass helps prevent calcium oxalate stones from forming. This is just a belief. It is also believed that the herb reduces the size of stones in the kidneys of a person with kidney stones.
Shop for Chanca Piedra herbal supplements.
Use herbal remedies with caution.No final solution has been found to get rid of kidney stone disease or kidney stones, as they strive to do so.
How to prevent kidney stones with medication
In some cases, switching your dietary choices is not enough to avoid kidney stones. If you suffer from kidney stones frequently, the solution is to communicate directly and quickly with your doctor about the result that you can obtain as a result of using the medicine in your prevention and protection plan.

8. Contact your doctor about the type of medication you are taking at the moment.

Some medicines when taken that do not require a prescription lead to kidney stones.
Some of these medications are:
protease inhibitors
chemotherapy drugs
uricosuric drugs
The risk of developing ironing stones increases as time consumes these medications. Talk to your doctor about other medication options, if you are taking any of these medications, You shouldn’t stop taking any prescribed medications without your doctor’s approval.

9. Talk to your doctor about preventative medications

Sometimes some medications help control the amount of those substances in the urine. If you are prone to certain types of kidney stones,.The medication that is specifically prescribed is for the type of stone you most often get..
For example:
If you have calcium stones, a diuretic or phosphate thiazide can be helpful for you in this case.
If you have uric acid stones, allopurinol (Zyloprim) may help reduce uric acid in your blood or urine.
If you have Struvite stones, long-term antibiotics may be used to help reduce the number of bacteria in your urine

If you have cystine stones, caption (Captopril) may decrease your urine cysteine ​​level.

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